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Sichuan Introduces New Policies to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship of the Disabled

  According to the information from Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department on January 19, Sichuan Disabled Persons Federation, CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee Organization Department and Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department jointly issued Policies and Measures on Further Promoting Employment and Entrepreneurship of Disabled Persons recently, aiming to better promote the employment and entrepreneurship of more disabled persons.

  Sichuan has put forward 11 policies and measures in four aspects, namely, overall requirements, employability and entrepreneurship improvement, employment and entrepreneurship channel expansion and supporting measures.

  In terms of employability and entrepreneurship improvement, special educational resources and school sizes in senior high schools will be expanded; number and enrollment scale of colleges and universities specifically recruiting disabled students will be gradually expanded; trials to accredit teaching qualification for hearing impairment persons will be carried out. High school (vocational high school class) will be set up in at least one special school in all cities (autonomous prefectures) within five years; the disabled youth will be the focus of the youth employment training program; free entrepreneurship training and personal development training will be provided to disabled persons with will to start businesses and receive training.

  In terms of employment and entrepreneurship channel expansion, provincial and municipal organs and institutions may recruit disabled persons from the grassroots in a directional way through selection and engagement; grass-roots organs and institutions in remote areas may recruit disabled persons with household registration in this municipality or county or who have lived in this municipality or county for a long time in a directional way; special schools may recruit disabled persons with bachelor's degree or above as teachers through evaluation; enterprises and social organizations recruiting disabled persons who account for more than 1.6 percent but less than 25 percent of its employees will be rewarded; disabled persons setting up small and micro enterprises for the first time or engaged in individual businesses can be offered start-up subsidies of RMB 10,000.

  In terms of supporting measures, in units recruiting a considerable number of disabled persons, CCYL committees, labor unions, women's federations and other organizations affiliated to the units shall include disabled members; in units recruiting more than thirty disabled persons, disabled persons federations shall be set up; public employment service organizations shall employment service organizations for the disabled should integrate their efforts to provide more convenient employment and entrepreneurship services for the disabled; disabled employment security funds may be used for the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship of disabled persons, employment and entrepreneurship services for disabled persons, and subsidies for supporting the employment and entrepreneurship demonstration bases of disabled persons.

  According to the relevant head from Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the overall employment of disabled people in Sichuan will not be lower than the average level of the whole society by 2025.

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